Instant Payday Loans

An Instant Payday loan can help tide you over when an unexpected financial emergency arises.

Whether you need funds to keep you afloat due to salary delay or job loss, pay for an emergency car repair, or settle emergency medical bills, your best option is to get a loan that can be released immediately.

Most companies aim to help people get the funds they need as quickly as possible. Streamlining loan application processes, making it 100% online, and removing unnecessary paperwork.

You can borrow from £100 up to £3500 with flexible and affordable monthly repayment schemes. We designed instant payday loans with “emergency” funding in mind, so borrowers can get hold of the funds they need within the day.

Payday Loan Requirements

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Qualifying process is simple. To qualify for a loan typically, you must be:

18 years old and above
A resident of the UK
Have a steady source of monthly income

Before you apply, prepare the following requirements to avoid delays in the processing of your loan application:

Government-issued ID
Contact number
Bank account details
Proof of Income

3 Things to Consider When Looking for a Lender

When one gets into a financial bind, there is a tendency to rush and overlook important details. A few minutes is all you need to avoid costly mistakes, so make sure to check on the following:

Lender’s Background

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Check if the lender is accredited by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), the financial regulating body for 58000 financial firms and markets in the UK. The FCA established guidelines that will ensure the protection of borrowers.

When you check the lender’s website, look for the FCA authorization number, and verify its legitimacy on

Be wary of unregistered lenders littered on the net enticing borrowers with “too good to be true” offers.

There are hidden charges that you will not be able to dispute because you entered into a loan agreement with a lender who is not accredited by FCA. Plus, it is not wise to expose your personal and financial information to an unlicensed lender.

Loan Processing Time

How long does it take for the payday loan to be released? The loan application process has been simplified and fine-tuned so the loan can be released as quickly as possible.

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SmartMoney’s instant payday loan for example can be released in 10 minutes after your application has been approved.

Delays are often caused by incomplete information submitted by the borrower. Since your application will not be subjected to a credit check, the release of funds can be completed 10 minutes after the approval of your loan request.

Do not fall for ads claiming to release the loan after a few seconds. A reputable lender will never approve a loan without verifying the documents sent by the borrower.

Loan Approval Rate

It is wise to choose a lender with a good track record in loan approval. The higher the approval rate the better your chances of getting a loan.

When you apply make sure to submit the correct information and complete documents to ensure the speedy processing of your loan application.